A COVID-19 cell looks up a wall of genomic code.

In an unprecedented international effort, researchers and clinicians tackle the genomics of COVID-19 risk.

by Robert C. Green

Why does COVID-19 affect some people differently than others? Are some people more likely to contract it than others, even if they’ve had the same exposure? …

by Nic Encina

The Golden Gate Bridge under construction, with the superscript “Follow-Through”

Our recent launch of Precision Population Health officially introduced Ariadne Labs into the world of precision medicine. Since being founded in 2012, Ariadne Labs has specialized in developing scalable systems-level solutions for life’s most critical moments and the stages in between — such as surgery, maternal health…

by Sachi Badola

A woodcut-style illustration of a school, framed by DNA helixes
The complexity of practicing precision medicine begins in a high school classroom.

What does genetics mean to me?

Taking a step back into my seventh-grade life science class, we discussed the concepts of heredity. Genes, alleles, the structure of DNA. The one and only Gregor Mendel and his pea plants. The foundational knowledge of genetics. Freshman year, we dove…

by Cathelijne van der Wouden

The author stands in front of a poster on “Consumer Discussion of DTC Genomic Testing Results with Primary Care Providers”

Pharmacists-in-training don’t usually get involved in genomics research. As graduate students in a PharmD program at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, my peers and I were on the way to becoming pharmacists. Our program only covered basic genomics, since — at least traditionally — genomics…

Race is a social construct, but representation matters in genetic studies — and on that front, we have a long way to go. By Tala Berro

An artist’s representation of the earth from space, with images of chromosomes superimposed on the planet

By Tala Berro

I am a Palestinian American. On the census, under the racial category, I am instructed to mark the box labeled “white.”…

By Elizabeth Fieg

Illustration of a genetic counselor considering a medical chart
Genetic counselors are the key to increasing patient access to valuable genetic healthcare services; passing the H.R. 3235 bill is the key to increasing patient access to genetic counselors.

Genetic testing is more accessible than ever, thanks to an increase in public awareness and the continuously decreasing costs of genetic sequencing. Genetic information is being used to diagnose rare disorders, develop targeted and novel therapies, facilitate reproductive planning, guide treatment decisions, and inform people of their…

By Dr. Robert C. Green

Let’s say it was possible to buy your health by the day. How much would you be willing to pay for each year of perfect health? What if you could buy years of health for your loved ones, too? …

By Dr. Robert C. Green

If you’re an apparently healthy person who wants to learn about your genetic disease risks, you can send a saliva sample and a hundred bucks or so to an array-based direct-to-consumer genetic testing company and get some trait information and selected health risks, plus details…

Continuous new discoveries about the genome make updates important.

Learn more about The MedSeq Project.

by Robert C. Green

The doctor hands you a report. Your genome has just been sequenced and analyzed, and this report tells you about several potential medical issues you should be paying attention to, based…

When a newborn’s genome is sequenced, should some results be withheld?

Learn more about the BabySeq Project.

By Robert C. Green

If genome sequencing can warn us of future disease risks, allowing the opportunity for intervention before symptoms appear, it stands to reason that the earlier you obtain it, the…


The G2P Research Program (www.genomes2people.org) is focused on the judicious integration of genomic research into personalized medicine & clinical practice.

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