A COVID-19 cell looks up a wall of genomic code.

In an unprecedented international effort, researchers and clinicians tackle the genomics of COVID-19 risk.

by Robert C. Green

Why does COVID-19 affect some people differently than others? Are some people more likely to contract it than others, even if they’ve had the same exposure? After contracting COVID, why do some…

by Sachi Badola

A woodcut-style illustration of a school, framed by DNA helixes
The complexity of practicing precision medicine begins in a high school classroom.

What does genetics mean to me?

Taking a step back into my seventh-grade life science class, we discussed the concepts of heredity. Genes, alleles, the structure of DNA. The one and only Gregor Mendel and his pea plants. The foundational knowledge of genetics. Freshman year, we dove…

by Cathelijne van der Wouden

The author stands in front of a poster on “Consumer Discussion of DTC Genomic Testing Results with Primary Care Providers”

Pharmacists-in-training don’t usually get involved in genomics research. As graduate students in a PharmD program at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, my peers and I were on the way to becoming pharmacists. Our program only covered basic genomics, since — at least traditionally — genomics…

By Elizabeth Fieg

Illustration of a genetic counselor considering a medical chart
Genetic counselors are the key to increasing patient access to valuable genetic healthcare services; passing…

Genetic testing is more accessible than ever, thanks to an increase in public awareness and the continuously decreasing costs of genetic sequencing. Genetic information is being used to diagnose rare disorders, develop targeted and novel therapies, facilitate reproductive planning, guide treatment decisions, and inform people of their…


The G2P Research Program (www.genomes2people.org) is focused on the judicious integration of genomic research into personalized medicine & clinical practice.

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